Gun Concealed Book Series


The GOAL of this publication is to give you a quick reference to Concealed Carry information for each state. 

If you have a concealed carry handgun license, then this book series is for you. You will not be disappointed in this application for either ease of use or content. “Gun Concealed” is an easy to use guide for your states' concealed handgun license information (also known as CHL, CCW, or CPL).   It is also a valuable guide for travelers (truckers, vacationers, and business people) who carry their firearms across state lines. If the state in which you are traveling recognizes your permit, you must abide by that states' laws. This guide will greatly assist you in that effort. It will also provide you necessary information when traveling in or through states with a handgun that do not recognize your permit. “Gun Concealed” will give you valuable information at your fingertips.

Select a State

This section describes general information for all states (all other screens are state specific). This view includes:


  • Right-to-Carry information and map
  • Castle Doctrine information & map
  • Friendliness table relative to each state regarding CCW
  • Conceal Carry statistics by state
  • Federal Firearm statues 
  • Transporting firearms on air carriers
  • Transporting firearms across states lines
  • Defines “Recognition” vs. “Reciprocity” 
  • Federal links for reference
  • 2nd Amendment definition
  • Support information

This publication is a collection of information that has a truly unique accumulation of concealed carry information, both in abbreviated and detailed form.